The SEO Circle

An SEO strategy can be broken into five basic elements:

1. Monitor and Benchmark

Draw a line in the sand and record how many visitors your site receives on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Analyse what key phrases your visitors are using to find your site and what their sources are.

2. Research Industry

Find out what key words people would use to find your business; this is something you need to conduct on a monthly or even weekly basis.

This may sound like overkill for what could seem to be a fairly straightforward process, however many companies lose out when a new product or service arrives on the market fairly quickly.

3. Analyse Competition

Find out who your competition is and what key phrases and techniques they are using - they are the only sites preventing yours from being in first position.

The SEO Circle

Some industries will run TV commercials so companies will need to act immediately or change their stance on a daily basis.

4. Strategy Development

Collate all information and work out where your site is falling behind. Now you have done the research, are you using the correct key phrases, do your competitors have better content or a website written to a higher web standard?

5. Implement Strategy

Decide the best process for each of the elements you need to action, what elements can be done in-house and which portions will need to be outsourced. Most companies discover that to implement an SEO strategy effectively requires further skills and labour to undertake such a task.

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